All of the mods listed on this site are copyright Silvania Studios 2012-2013. They may not be redistributed without his permission.

In the case of a private modpack, which is defined as "A modpack used on a single server with no more than 15 players", you must simply notify Flenix.

In the case of a public server modpack, which is defined as "A modpack for use on a single server, which anyone may join", you must ask Flenix politely for his permission, and agree to anything he asks before using the mod.

In the case of a public modpack, which is defined as "A modpack that anyone can download and use as they wish", you MUST agree all terms with Flenix. Only already existing modpacks (even if just in WIP/Planning) will be considered, so please include a link to your post/website/forum which details the pack when contacting.

Using AdFly (or similar) for ANY form of modpack is not allowed. Action will be taken to recover any profit earned through such a mean. Advertising on your website, server donations and so on are of course fine (providing you have permission for my mods of course!)

No website other than Silvania.co.uk, silvaniastudios.com, planetminecraft.com, minecraftforums.net, minecraftforge.net and bukkitforge.com may redistribute any of these modifications.

Click here to email Flenix.